Trigger With Wallet

Trigger With Wallet allows you to run actions when a user visits a unique Sign-In URL and connects to it with a Blockchain wallet (Desktop/Mobile).
To set up the trigger, you will need to provide:
  • Blockchain - network to which user should connect with a wallet
SIgn-in URL is unique and provided automatically. You can use it to log in with a wallet and trigger actions.
When "Trigger With Wallet" is triggered, you can use its outputs in the next steps as variables.
  • Blockchain - network to which wallet is connected
  • Wallet - address of the wallet in a format (0x...)
  • Timestamp - time when a user connected with a wallet
  • Sign-in URL - URL from which the user connected with a wallet
Learn more:
for Desktop wallets is implemented using Metamask (
for Mobile wallets is implemented using WalletConnect (