Instantly Mint NFT

Instantly Mint NFT action allows you to mint NFTs with prepaid wallets for a specific NFT collection.
This can be useful for creating and distributing NFTs without the need for manual minting or transaction approval.
To set up the action, you will need to provide:
  • Blockchain - network on which NFT is minted (should be the same as NFT collection blockchain)
  • NFT collection - Smart Contract created on a Blockchain using Thentic no-code builder. Once the transaction is confirmed, the collection will appear in a window (you may need to refresh the page)
  • NFT metadata - data encoded in NFT, can be any text/URL or Opensea Standard JSON (recommended)
  • Owner wallet - address of the NFT receiver in a format (0x...)
  • Prepaid wallet - address of the created prepaid wallet which is used to mint the NFT. Needs to have a non-zero balance to cover transactional fees for minting NFT. No-code app stores generated public addresses and private keys to be able to execute transactions, so it is recommended to use this wallet as transactional only.
When "Instantly Mint NFT" is selected, you can use its outputs in the next steps as variables.
  • Blockchain - network on which NFT is minted
  • Collection - NFT contract name in a format - Name (Short Name)
  • Metadata - data encoded in NFT
  • NFT ID - id number of the minted NFT
  • Prepaid wallet - wallet which used to mint NFT in a format (0x...)
  • NFT owner - address of the NFT receiver in a format (0x...)
  • Transaction - transaction ID/Hash in a format (0x...)
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