Let User Mint NFT

Let User Mint NFT action allows you to airdrop NFTs to users for the created Collection (ERC-721 Smart Contract) using Mint URL. Transaction fees are covered by users.
To set up the action, you will need to provide:
  • Blockchain - network on which NFT is minted (should be the same as NFT collection blockchain)
  • NFT collection - Smart Contract created on a Blockchain using Thentic no-code builder. Once the transaction is confirmed, Collection will appear in a window (you may need to refresh the page)
  • NFT metadata - data encoded in NFT, can be any text/URL or Opensea Standard JSON (recommended)
  • Owner wallet - address of the NFT receiver in a format (0x...)
When "Instantly Mint NFT" is selected, you can use its outputs in the next steps as variables.
  • Blockchain - network on which NFT is minted
  • Collection - NFT contract name in a format - Name (Short Name)
  • Metadata - data encoded in NFT
  • NFT ID - id number of the minted NFT
  • Mint URL - URL that can be used to mint NFT
Learn more:
ERC-721 contract is verified and implemented using OpenZeppelin contracts (
NFT Minting for Desktop wallets is implemented using Metamask (
NFT Minting for Mobile wallets is implemented using WalletConnect (