Conduct Technical Analysis

Conduct Technical Analysis action allows you to analyze price movements of the specified cryptocurrency and receive a professional summary based on the 7-day data.
To set up the action, you will need to provide:
  • Coin - a cryptocurrency that you want to analyze
When "Conduct Technical Analysis" is selected, you can use its outputs in the next steps as variables.
  • Analysis - technical analysis for the selected cryptocurrency
  • Coin name - name of the analyzed cryptocurrency
Based on the provided data, the technical analysis of Ethereum (ETH) suggests that the price has experienced some volatility over the past 7 days. The current rank of ETH in the crypto market is 2, with a price of $2,235.16 and a market cap of $268,627,830,901.
The price history of ETH over the past week shows some fluctuations, with the price ranging from a high of $2384.93 to a low of $2201.45. This indicates an overall price range of $183.48. The 24-hour price change has been negative, with a decline of -4.99329%.
Analyzing the market sentiment, the 7-day price history suggests that ETH has experienced ups and downs but has not shown any significant upward or downward trend. The price has maintained a relatively stable range, indicating a level of consolidation in the market.
The market volume for ETH is significant, with a total of $19,220,561,588 traded over the past 24 hours. This indicates a relatively high level of trading activity and liquidity in the market.
In summary, based on the technical analysis and provided data, the market sentiment for Ethereum (ETH) over the past 7 days indicates a range-bound market with no clear trend.
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Technical analysis is conducted by OpenAI GPT-3.5 language model (