How it works

Scheduled Task

The Scheduled Task trigger allows you to schedule an action to run automatically at a specific time and date.
To set up a Scheduled Task trigger, you will need to specify the day of the week, the time slot, and the timezone for the action to be executed.
Using the Scheduled Task trigger
Once the Scheduled Task trigger is set up, the specified action will be executed automatically at the scheduled time and date. You can view the history of the triggered actions in History tab.
Benefits of using the Scheduled Task trigger
Using the Scheduled Task trigger can save you time and effort by automating recurring tasks. You can set up the trigger once and let the automation tool take care of executing the action at the scheduled time and date. This can help you focus on other important tasks while ensuring that your automated tasks are executed on time.
The Scheduled Task trigger is a powerful feature of the Web3 No Code Automation tool that can help you automate recurring tasks and ensure that your actions are executed at the right time and date. By using this trigger, you can save time and effort while increasing your productivity.