How it works

Telegram message

The "Telegram message" action allows you to send a message to a specific Telegram chat, which can be useful for sending notifications or updates to your users directly through the Telegram messaging app.

Setting up the "Telegram message" action

To set up the "Telegram message" action, you will need to add @thenticbot to your channel and provide the following details:
  • Message: Enter the message you want to send to the Telegram chat.
  • Chat ID: Provide the ID of the Telegram chat you want to send the message to. You can get the chat ID by adding the @getidsbot to the chat.

Using the "Telegram message" action

Once the "Telegram message" action is set up, you can use it to send messages to the specified Telegram chat including variables from previous steps.

Benefits of using the "Telegram message" action

Using the "Telegram message" action can help you to keep your users informed and engaged by sending them notifications and updates directly through the Telegram messaging app. This can be particularly useful for projects where real-time communication is important.