How it works

Send email

The "Send email" action allows you to send an email from the [email protected] email address to a specified email recipient.

Setting up the "Send email" action

To set up the "Send email" action, you will need to provide the following details:
  • Email to: Enter the email address of the recipient of the email.
  • Email subject: Enter the subject line of the email.
  • Message: Enter the body of the email.

Using the "Send email" action

You can include variables from previous steps and send emails to multiple recipients by adding additional "Send email" actions in your automation flow.

Benefits of using the "Send email" action

Using the "Send email" action can help to keep stakeholders informed about the progress of automated workflows or notify them of important events in real-time. By using [email protected] email address, you can keep all of your automated emails consistent and easily identifiable.