How it works

Publish image to IPFS

The "Publish image to IPFS" action allows you to store images on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) using, a service from Protocol Labs. This can be useful for securely storing and sharing images on a decentralized network.

Setting up the "Publish image to IPFS" action

To set up the "Publish image to IPFS" action, you will need to provide Image URL. This is the URL of the image that you want to publish on IPFS. You can use variables from previous steps in your URL such as the one provided from Stable Diffusion Action.

Using the "Publish image to IPFS" action

Once the "Publish image to IPFS" action is set up, you can use it to publish images to IPFS. The action will take the image URL provided and store it on the IPFS network using The resulting IPFS URL can then be used to access the image on the decentralized network.

Benefits of using the "Publish image to IPFS" action

Using the "Publish image to IPFS" action can help you to securely store and share images on a decentralized network, without the need for a centralized server. This can provide greater security and privacy, as well as improved accessibility and reliability.