How it works

Mint NFT with prepaid wallet

The "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action allows you to instantly mint NFTs with non-zero balance wallets for a specific NFT collection. This action is useful for creating and distributing NFTs without the need for manual minting or transaction approval.

Setting up the "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action

To set up the "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action, you will need to provide the following details:
  • Blockchain: Select the blockchain that you want to use for minting the NFT. This can be Thentic Testnet, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or any other supported blockchain.
  • NFT collection: Choose an existing NFT collection or create a new one for your NFTs.
  • NFT metadata: Enter the metadata for your NFTs, which can include a URL or string.
  • Owner wallet (0x..): Enter the Ethereum address of the wallet that will own the NFT.
  • Prepaid wallet: Create a new wallet with a non-zero balance of the desired cryptocurrency to cover transaction fees.

Using the "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action

Once the "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action is set up, you can use it to instantly mint NFTs for your chosen collection. After creating the prepaid wallet, you will need to transfer cryptocurrency of the desired blockchain to cover the transaction fees. Once the prepaid wallet has sufficient balance, the NFTs will be minted and can be distributed to the owner wallet.

Benefits of using the "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action

Using the "Mint NFT with prepaid wallet" action can save time and resources by automating the minting process and eliminating the need for manual approval. It also enables the creation and distribution of NFTs with a non-zero balance wallet, providing greater flexibility in managing and funding NFT transactions.