How it works

Let user mint NFT

The "Let user mint NFT" action allows you to create a unique Mint URL that can be used by your users to mint NFTs for a specific NFT collection on a blockchain. This can be useful for allowing your users to participate in creating NFTs, such as for user-generated content or community-driven projects.

Setting up the "Let user mint NFT" action

To set up the "Let user mint NFT" action, you will need to provide the following details: -
  • Blockchain: Select the blockchain where the NFT collection contract is deployed.
  • NFT collection: Create a new NFT collection or select an existing one.
  • NFT metadata: Provide the URL or string that will be used to encode data in the NFT.
  • Owner wallet (0x..): Enter the Ethereum address of the wallet that will own the NFT.

Using the "Let user mint NFT" action

Once the "Let user mint NFT" action is set up, you can use the unique Mint URL provided as a variable in subsequent steps to let users mint NFTs for the specified NFT collection using their desktop or mobile wallets. Users will need to have access to a compatible wallet and sufficient funds in the wallet to cover transaction fees.

Benefits of using the "Let user mint NFT" action

Using the "Let user mint NFT" action can help to increase user engagement and participation in NFT projects. By allowing users to mint their own NFTs, you can create a more collaborative and community-driven project that can generate interest and excitement.