How it works

ChatGPT (GPT-3)

Using the "ChatGPT" action, you can interact with OpenAI GPT-3 language model and receive responses to your queries in natural language. This action can be useful for manipulating data from previous steps and simply getting data from the model.

Setting up the "ChatGPT" action

To set up the "ChatGPT" action, you will need to provide the following details:
  • Chat Query: This is the question or query that you want to ask the GPT-3 language model. You can use variables from previous steps in your query.

Using the "ChatGPT" action

Once the "ChatGPT" action is set up, you can use it to ask questions and manipulate data within your automation workflow. The GPT-3 language model will respond to your queries in natural language, and you can use the response to further guide the actions in your workflow.

Benefits of using the "ChatGPT" action

The "ChatGPT" action can help you to streamline your automation workflow by allowing you to ask questions and receive responses in natural language. This can make it easier to manipulate data and guide the actions in your workflow.