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Welcome to Thentic - API for NFT-commerce

Thentic provides REST API methods to mint, trade and manage NFTs across 288 Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatible Blockchains. You can create and embed blockchain transactions to your web applications via Transaction URL or Transaction Pixel.

API key

Get API key here and add it as key parameter to your request body.

Chain ID

Choose Blockchain network you would like to use from the list and add it as chain_id parameter to your request body.

For the development purposes we recommend using Thentic Testnet - 170303 chain id. You can get THEN coins for the development here and explore transactions here.

First API request

To get started you can use Thentic RapidAPI page with prebuilt code snippets for 19 programming languages (C, Clojure, C#, Golang, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Node.js, Objective-C, OCaml, PHP, Powershell, Python, R, RapidQL, Ruby, Shell, Swift) or interact directly with Thentic API.

In order to mint NFTs you need to create NFT contract first. Here is simple Python code to create NFT contract deployment transaction:

import requests

url = ''
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
data = {'key': '<your API key>',
        'chain_id': '170303',
        'name': '<Name for your NFT contract>', 
        'short_name': '<Short Name for NFT contract>'}

#creates NFT contract on Thentic testnet
r =, json=data, headers=headers)

If API key is authorized server will respond with request_id, status, transaction_pixel and transaction_url. You can use transaction_url and transaction_pixel to let your dAPP users execute Blockchain transactions on Mobile (via WalletConnect) or Desktop (via MetaMask).

   "transaction_pixel":"<iframe src='<request_id>' width=1 height=1 scrolling=no frameborder=0></iframe>",

After NFT Contract is successfully deployed you can start minting and trading NFTs.

Please reach out to with your questions and ideas.

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